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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  September 9, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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attacked the 12-year-old boy and robbed him. macke has been diagnosed with celebral palsy, and is in a wheelchair. he was outside doing his exercise routine and was jumped by two boys, they cornered him in the street, he tried to get away and the wheel of his wheelchair got stuck in the storm drain. we spoke to him and his father about the ordeal. >> i put my hand up to block the punch and they grabbed me and wrap it around my neck and started to choke me, which i tried to scream as loud as i could. >> any words i have to say can't be said on broadcast television and they are just absolute scum. >> the family, as you can imagine are very disappointed and that the bullying began in
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the spring when the two boys allegedly stole lakwan's cat. the police are on the case and they only have brief descriptions of who these two boys can be. they hope that someone in the neighborhood knows who these to boys are and will tell the police who they are. >> thank you sharrie. authorities are looking for the person that broke into several cars yesterday afternoon. they released surveillance pictures of the suspect and they say the man gained access through unlocked doors, at sterling drive and the 100 block of glenco court and kelly court. the man got away with change, cell phones and other items, if you recognize the person in this surveillance video, you are asked to contact newcastle police. chopper 6 hd was over the 1800 block of route 206 in southhampton township, it
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appears as if a pickup truck rear ended a car and one of them caught fire. they pulled one person from the burning wreckage and they were flown to area hospitals for treatment and they closed route 206 in both directions and route 70 for the cleanup. a delaware county doctor accused of killing her domestic partner will spend up to 52 years in jail. last month, the jury found daly guilty of shooting and wounding 50-year-old margaret grover during a custody exchange last year. daly worked as an er pediatrician at dupont hospital for children. 19-year-old tatiana stretch was killed walking across the street at the 100 block of the black horse pike, the driver did stop after the incident and it's not clear if criminal charges
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will be filed. and delaware investigators say that a suspected drunk driver tried to avoid charges by allegedly eating a bag of marijuana in his car. smith was pulled over in harrington last friday and the officer remembered seeing pot on the console, when he came back the bag was gone and smith was chewing and he later admitted to swallowing the drugs. in washington, a group of federal lawmakers want the senate to pass a bill designed to keep sexual predators out of schools. it wrote require states receiving money to conduct added background checks, they say checks are needed on bus drivers immediately. the bill has been languishing in the senate. former mob boss, joey molina will be back in town to answer
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to charges that he is associated with two convicted criminals and an alleged mob member, that would be a parole violation. molina was released from federal prison four years ago. president obama will outline his strategy to defeat isis tomorrow night in an address to the nation. the president met with congressional leaders to discuss the plan that will target iraq and syria, that will require air strikes as well as supporting coalition troops on the ground and that will not include american forces, the u.s. will also likely step up efforts to train and equip iraqi forces to fight isis themselves. and they say they may have identified the man on the right here on the isis video shown killing the american journalist, james foley, they believe is he
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tied to a group of extremists based in london. they are also analyzing the video of steven sotloff's execution to determine if it was carried out by the same man. a u.s. air marshall is at a houston hospital after he was attacked by a syringe after a nigerian airport. the preliminary reports show that it did not contain deadly substances but they are monitoring the marshall, it's not clear if he was targeted or if it was a random attack. jose pedilla will spend more time in prison, they determined his original sentence was too lenient and they issued a sentence for 22 years. prosecutors say they may appeal this new decision saying its still not enough time in prison. heavy rains and flash
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flooding throughout the southwest have forced the closure of the heavily traveled interstate 15 in nevada. they are navigating high waters and getting stuck or washed off the roadway, a 50 mile stretch from las vegas to salt lake city, is so badly damage they need to make emergency repairs and that could take at least four days. world news with david muir will have more on the attack, following "action news" at 6:00. time to check the traffic situation, autumn marisa in for matt pellman in the traffic center. this is eastbound lanes coming off of 202 in the king of prussia area and the blue route, a little delay there. coming off the turnpike. looking at the eastbound lanes right here. in this picture. going to the big picture, that continued delay on conshohocken curve on the schuylkill
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expressway, another delay we are watching 95 from the vine street expressway, and speeds of 20 miles per hour right now, taking you 35 minuteses to do that commute. a few incidents one in norristown at stand bridge street, keep that in mind. roosevelt boulevard northbound at f street we have an accident there as well. mass transit, septa regional rails has a delay in the wilmington newark line, the inbound train 2760 as an is a minutes delay at this time. a man visiting a popular austral australiaan beach, while his wife watches it unfold. it feels like the fall right now, 75 in philadelphia, but we have summer building in the midwest and winter in the
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northern plains. we'll let you know which one moves in our direction. >> and ducis rogers has an eagles update and news and sports when "action news" comes right back.
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despite the beach goers brave rescue attempt a man was killed off byron beach. the shark bit through his leg and wet suit. the victim's wife watched it from the beach and a tourist on vacation risked his life to get the man out of the water. >> the shark was maybe 40 or 50 feet away and i dragged him on to the sand and we tried to give him cpr and mouth-to-mouth for about 20 minutes. >> a large shark was seen here in the waters afterwards and officials don't know what type of shark was responsible. >> turning to sports tonight. the eagles may have to face the colts monday night without some of their key players. ducis rogers is here now with more. >> reporter: hi there, rick and
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moncashing we have more on the injuries to the eagles offensive line, according to various reports, guard evan mathis is on the reserves list, he is not out for the year but for a significant amount of time and he will be able to return in week nine, he suffered an injury to his acl and mc maclin a high ankle sprain. >> we go without losing a single guy and then we lose to in the first half. that is unchartered territory for us, but the offensive line played well all season, we were comfortable with them coming in because we know they are good players. >> next week the eagles face the colts in indy, we are teaming up with phl 17, a countdown to kick
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your. it started 8:00 p.m. on phl 17. to college football, penn state hits the road and the nittany lions are at rutgers but that is not where the focus is, it's with the news that the bowl band is lifted by the ncaa, that is welcome news for head coach, james franklin but his focus is on the game itself. >> my message to you is the same as i have to them. this is great and now there is nothing, you know being held back from them. in terms of opportunities. we can have the ability to chase their dreams now. >> to baseball now, the phillies host the pirates, without jimmy rollins, with the five teams remaining on the schedule this season, they are fighting for a playoff spot, including
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pittsburgh, it's time to play spoiler. >> you want to go out and beat the good ball clubs, in our minds we are a good team and we had struggles early on and we are having real fun. >> we'll preview espn's feature on lesean mccoy, the program e 60 spent time with the eagles running back and his young son, lesean jr. we'll give you a sneak peek of that at 6:00. >> thank you see you at 6:00. in other news philadelphia honored ten local grandparents in recognition of grandparents week. all the honorees are leaders and role models in the city and lisa thomas-laury reports from the hilton on city after few. >> reporter: they represent 16,000 grandparentses in
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philadelphia. >> with seniors representing a third of the nation's population, grandparents are making contributions to their communes that are worthy of celebrating every day. >> grandparents like former fire commission under, lloyd ayres. >> i remember my grandparents and the things that they taught me and the opportunity to work with my grandchildren, it's fun. >> and geneva black and will and frieda gonzales. and mike a crossing guard who is now legally blind. >> it means a lot. i am so happy, i am proud that i'm here to accept this. >> they represent all that is good with that traditional family values in terms of keeping their families close. a reminder if we are lucky enough we'll be grandparents too. families are becoming dependant
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on their children. >> we want to make sure that they are awarded for what they are doing in the community. among the honorees today. dorothy campenstein. she has two grand taurs. >> i always close by, i love you and they respond i love you pop pop. >> the idea of grandparents day started in virginia and jimmy carter made it official and this week they continue to recognize thousands of productive grandmoms and pop pop across the country. country. to prove a point about internet speeds, we slowed down an up escalator. this is crazy i don't get it, this one is working
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check out the frightening video, this man in russia was backing out of his garage when what appeared to be a tornado ripped through his neighborhood. the dash-cam captured the whole thing, the man pulled into his garage just as the twister ripped it to shreds, the garage, it narrowly missed his car and the man is okay. the old saying go if it rains on your wedding day it's good luck but for couples in oklahoma it could mean a free
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wedding ring, they are running a promotion since 1998. anybody that buy a ring from him, could get a free ring if it rains on their wedding day. three couples have earned a free ring so far. that brightens everyone's mood despite the rainy weather. >> pick the rainy season. >> what day should i pick adam? when will we see sunshine? >> tomorrow, i promise you. lets cut our mike. lets take a look at double scan live, we see showers at the shore. the easterly wind continues and as we take a closer look at double scan live at route 70 and 72, a couple of sprinkles when you hit the windshield wipers,
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the flow from the east to the west but not the west to the east. the action cam was out earlier in fairmount park and wissahickon creek, a lot of rocks being exposed here from the creek we need rain here and maybe a couple of showers saturday. as we look at the accuweather live lineup. satellite and radar where the cloud cover is trying to fall apart. the pair of 70s yesterday and today. 75 degrees so far for the high temperature both days and the normal 81 degrees, this coming off of what was the start of a mild september with highs in the 80s and 90s, 76 in allentown and 76 in trenton and 73 in millville and dover 76 and the poconos right now 64 degrees, there is a low off the coast than is spilling the cloud cover back and we have the easterly wind and that is why the showers are moving in that atypical flow
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from the ocean inland, but that cloud cover is eventually going to break up late tonight and tomorrow. as the low pulls away and as we wait for the next system, a cold front to arrive, in between systems, the winds relax and we pump it up to 80 degrees, we really heat things up here wednesday, 88 degrees and muggy, and with the front coming through, a powerful front when you look at the temperatures from the east to the west of the front than sparks a couple of gusty thunderstorms thursday evening into thursday night. >> as we look tomorrow in the lehigh valley, a light breeze with a temperature coming in at 80 degrees, if you are going to be at the shore, much better than today. the clouds move out and the sunshine returns but if are you going to hit the sand there will be a high risk for rip currents as the ocean is pretty churned up at 77 degrees, as we look at the forecast tonight, lots of
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clouds and a cool breeze continues, and 64 for center city and your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we are back in the 80s for the next two days and thursday your warm day, feeling summer-like, humidity as well and late in the day we'll watch for some thunderstorms to push through, this is at 7:00 on future tracker pushing along the i-95 corridor, and the majority of the day is dry and hot. on friday, behind the front it turns cooler and less humid, back below average of 79, saturday we begin the weekend with a lot of clouds and showers in the afternoon and not a washout of 75. the weekend weather 75 and it stays cool monday into tuesday. monday is your dry day and showers tuesday with temperatures below the average only in the middle 70s, a couple summer like days, and it really takes control guys.70s, a couple stay on top of the weather situation with, both the hourly and seven-day
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forecast, and the latest video from our "action news" meteorologist, and our collection of weather related photos and videos, on our people scene, ron stewart made his debut as a director, he had the premier of his pet project, rose water, baszed on an iranian-canadian journalist that spent nine months in jail because of spying charges. well, another funny man, mel brooks made everyone laugh again as he put his hand prints at the tcl chinese theater in hollywood. the man that gave us young
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future space scientists got a real thrill in bear, delaware, students from upperdale academy
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heard a presentation from an aerospace engineer. one of their projects will be chose tonight fly on the international space station next spring and the school raised $20,000 to be eligible to be in the program, how about that? >> that is great. jim gardner is standing by with these stories. ray rice breaks his silence for the first time since the video went public. what he says about the incident with his wife and the reaction from the nfl decision to change the punishment. the two casinos file bankruptcy, what that means for the struggling industry there. for jaime apody, rick williams and the entire "action news" team. i'm m
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. tuesday night, and philadelphia lawmakers cash in on a move to legalize marijuana. and police search for a bandit that entered several homes over the weekend. but the big story is the controversy surrounding ray rice and the punch seen around the world. the video of rice punching his then fiance in a revel casino in atlantic city, promptsed the ravens to fire rice and the nfl
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to suspend him indefinitely. rice has finally spoken out. he told espn today, i have to be strong for my wife. she is so strong, we are in good spirits, we have a lot of people praying for us and we'll continue to support each other. commission under, roger goodell insists that neither he or anyone else at the nfl saw the damming video before yesterday at which time they increased his two game suspension to an indefinite suspension. david henry is live now with more on this and reaction. >> reporter: well, jim that video has now turned into a public relations football, kicked back and forth all day today. who saw the video, who should have seen it and what should they have done with it when they did see it. all questions for the nfl and law enfo